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Ellipsis the EP

Posted by sAyAprAirs | Sunday August 10, 2014
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Types of Students

Posted by sAyAprAirs | Wednesday August 06, 2014

I believe that most teachers, professors, and potential employers are mistaken by what grades mean to them. I don't think there is anything wrong with using grades as an indicator. The problem is the implications and expectations that they're used to show. I won't say why not but, what I will address is what I believe a student's average average performance means.

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Music Section

Posted by admin | Wednesday July 09, 2014

Just writing a post mentioning the should-already-be-apparent new addition to the site. The music section currently allows for media to be displayed from two different platforms popular for distributing music (bandcamp and soundcloud) with room to add more if necessary. Sayaprairs will be handling most of those posts with his own music but should be open to suggestions. If you want a shot at… Read Full Post

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Let's Get Sued

Posted by sAyAprAirs | Wednesday July 09, 2014
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Hollaback Girl (You Radiate re-mix)

Posted by sAyAprAirs | Wednesday July 09, 2014 <<>>


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