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Women I Don't Trust

Posted by sAyAprAirs | Sunday October 06, 2013
I'm not saying that these are signs of an untrustworthy woman nor that there are no exceptions. I'm also not saying that these are rules you have to go by. I just abide by them because they make the most sense to me after much consideration of which girls burn you and the signs they give off. Read Full Post

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Raise the Future

Posted by sAyAprAirs | Tuesday September 24, 2013
I believe the children are the future. Teach them well and let them lead the way. -Greatest Love of All by Whitney Houston

I'm real enough to start this off by admitting that I sang this song at my junior high school graduation. At that time in my life I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do yet but I believe I was looking forward to the future. I also liked to consider how my lifestyle would… Read Full Post

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The Unreliable Person

Posted by sAyAprAirs | Thursday September 12, 2013

In my many years of working on beats I've finally come to terms with people I know not caring enough about my music to like it. You're probably thinking that I might be deluded and my music is actually terrible. I actually wish that were the case so I would actually have something to stand against for growing and improving.

The truth is the majority of people you will meet are generally… Read Full Post

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Theory Section

Posted by admin | Tuesday September 10, 2013

Earlier today I added a section for some "crazy theories" as per request. Sayaprairs hasn't really gotten around to writing much of anything lately so I'm not really sure why it was such a big deal. Anyways, personal feelings aside I'm just putting it out there that it was done. Although there aren't any posts yet you can check the page out if you want a better description. Gonna go back to… Read Full Post

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Posted by sAyAprAirs | Saturday August 10, 2013

With me being an up and coming producer I have developed an understanding of how unlikely it is people will check out your work just because it's online. I mean marketing and promotion is not some new idea that just all a sudden became necessary. However, with the increasing ease of creating and posting onto the internet came the disease infecting the overall quality of new material right along… Read Full Post

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Introduction to Business

Posted by sAyAprAirs | Tuesday July 30, 2013

Introduction to Business was the name of a class I took at St. John's University. Being one of the few entry level classes I thoroughly enjoyed during my short stint there I felt like making an attempt at reproducing the experience for potential readers before diving right into serious posts about anything. Treat it as a primer if nothing else.

Hopefully I'll get around to addressing… Read Full Post

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Putting the Site Together

Posted by admin | Thursday March 07, 2013
Just in the mood to give a quick spiel on what's been going on over here, nothing too extravagant. Read Full Post

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Quiet Before the Storm

Posted by sAyAprAirs | Thursday March 07, 2013
cloudy skies- my reign comin'
it's goin' down- you hear it thunderin'
lightning? lightning; what a fright that light bring
don't consider no bit- ing, my lyrics sharp and they might sting
stab you up and rippin' you apart
wet you up after piercin' your heart
no more of that dark talk, 'cause son is comin' out
sayin' "you should be familiar to me" what the hell you… Read Full Post


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